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Criminal Law

Virk Law offers services in this particular area of law. We are proud to provide experienced lawyers who are passionate about the work they do, constantly striving for excellence


Assault charges in Canada cover a wide range of circumstances, all of which are serious. Prison sentences can be as severe as 20 years or longer in prison.

Impaired Driving

Virk Law’s team of impaired driving lawyers have comprehensive knowledge, experience, and reputation defending clients from DUI charges.

Drug Offence

A drug charge is a serious offence. Not only can you face life with a criminal record, a conviction can result in jail time

Mischief and Property Offences

Mischief and property offences are often offences that result in jail time

Bail Review

A bail review occurs after an initial bail hearing has not successfully resulted in an accused being freed from jail


Whenever forced or the threat of force is involved in taking property or even attempting to take property from another person, a criminal offence of robbery remains

Immigration in Criminal Law

If you are an immigrant facing criminal charges it may have an impact on your status and if you can remain in Canada.

Second Opinion

Virk Law lawyers are experienced in reviewing the files of other lawyers, providing thorough second opinions, and assisting as second council to matters.

Advice Prior to Criminal Charges

Virk Law lawyers are trained, experienced and are often called upon to assist those that are being criminally investigated before any criminal charges are laid.

Independent Legal Advice

Sometimes in a situation, where you are an accused or the victim of an accused, you may be directed to seek Independent Legal Advice for your situation.

Record Suspension and Waiver

A record suspension and waiver was formally known as a pardon

Theft from an Employer

Theft from an employer is considered a very serious offence and the Alberta Court of Appeal has consistently required that jail sentence be served by those that have been convicted

Young Offenders

If a child under your care has been charged under the Young Offenders Act, our lawyers can provide their voices in court.

Firearms and Weapons Offences

If you have been charged under the Criminal Code of Canada for a weapons or firearms offence, a Virk Law lawyer can defend you.


If you are accused of theft in Alberta, whether it is of personal property, a forged or uttering a forged document, Virk Law lawyers are trained to help you defend against such serious charges.


Receiving bail is ordinarily something that is available to Canadians that are charged with a criminal offence.

Child Pornography

Child pornography has a broad definition and results in very serious criminal charges

Sexual Interference and Invitation to Sexual Touching

This criminal charge is very serious, and it requires a lawyer’s guidance, who is trained in Criminal Law.

Sexual Assault

This is a very serious offence in which you are accused of committing some form of sexual touching against someone that has not consented to such an act.

Aggravated Assault

If you are facing charges under Section 268 under the Criminal Code of Canada, the police are accusing you of committing aggravated assault.

Assault with A Weapon or Assault Causing Bodily Harm

If you find yourself facing a section 267 offence from the Criminal Code of Canada, you are being accused of causing an assault that has resulted in bodily harm or that involves the use of a weapon.

Defence Against Security Charges

If you have been charged with an offence under the Alberta Securities Act, you need a professional on your side who understands the process.

Domestic Assault/Domestic Violence

Domestic assault, an assault involving spouse is a serious criminal matter that often results in a jail sentence if convicted in Alberta.

Right to Remain Silent

You have a right to remain silent in Alberta. If the police are asking you questions, it is because they are looking for evidence.

Attempted Murder

If you are facing criminal charges for Attempted Murder, your require experienced, capable, and effective legal counsel immediately.

Criminal Appeal

A criminal appeal is a specialized court proceeding that happens after a finding of guilt for an accused in a lower court proceeding.

Professional Discipline

The defense of a professional disciplinary matter requires a specialized approach taken by the lawyers at Virk Law.


There are broad categories in which you may be facing the criminal charge with respect to activities conducted online including stalking, harassment or possibly theft involving data

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