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Collaborative Divorce Lawyers

Take Control of your separation with comprehensive collaborative divorce solutions

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You don't need to live in an urban area to receive big-city representation. If a Virk Law lawyer is not currently practicing in your municipality, then we'll bring your legal solutions directly to you.

No judge, no courtroom

Enlist the services of Virk Law and keep your Family’s future in your hands and leave the judge and the courtroom out of it.

Transparent, Ethical Billing

Using a Virk Law Family Lawyer for collaborative divorce ensures you save money on hefty legal fees and never step foot in a courtroom.

Free Collaborative Consultation

A Lawyer will sit down with you and your partner and answer any questions you may have about the collaborative process.

Is Collaborative Divorce the best option for you and your family?


A collaborative divorce is a team approach to resolving family law disputes through the process of a structured meeting involving both parties and their lawyers. Because both parties commit to freely disclosing information, formal measures – such as court orders – are usually not required. With Virk Law, collaborative divorce environments are often free from threatening letters, accusatory statements, unreasonable or unrealistic positions, and malicious accusations. In collaborative resolutions, a cooperative agreement is signed in which the parties agree they will not go to court unless the collaborative process breaks down, and both parties obtain new lawyers.

Is Collaborative Divorce the right choice for you? To make this difficult time easier for you, we have compiled a comprehensive questionnaire to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Consider Collaborative Divorce

If you want more control over the process – any agreement will be made by you and your spouse and not imposed by a judge
If you are ready to negotiate respectfully and reach agreements that are good for everyone
If you are willing to sacrifice personal objectives in the pursuit of common objectives
If you are willing to disclose all financial information and other relevant information
If you are committed to avoiding the court litigation process
If you are looking to save money, as collaborative divorce generally costs less than litigation

Consider Other Options

If considering your spouse’s objectives is not an option
If there is little evidence to suggest that an amicable agreement can be reached
If you’re in an abusive relationship and are separating due to domestic violence
If you don’t want to disclose all of your financial information or keep facts secret in the process

Virk Law Divorce Consultation Itinerary (75-90 Minutes)


Step 1: What is Collaborative Divorce?

The first step is gathering information about you and your partner – when were you married? For how long?


Step 2: Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me?

The second step is ensuring that both you and your spouse are committed to the collaborative process and are willing to come to agreements in the interest of all parties involved.

Step 3: Introduction to Your Issues

Your lawyer will ask you a series of questions: why are you getting divorced? Why are you considering collaborative divorce? Are children a part of the discussion?

Step 4: You Explain Your Side

You will have the opportunity to explain your reasons for wanting a divorce and the issues that are important to you going forward.

Step 5: Brief Legal Information

Your lawyer will briefly explain the law relating to child support, spousal support, and matrimonial property.

Step 6: Documents are Provided

Your lawyer will provide you with documents regarding the collaborative process to share with your spouse

Step 7: A Plan Forward is Established

Your lawyer will explain the first steps to advance the collaborative process


Our Lawyers on the benefits of Collaborative Divorce

“Utilizing Collaborative family law allows parties to enter a voluntary process with their lawyers that are cooperative in nature which focuses on common interests and understanding concerns. This allows the parties to find a solution that both parties find acceptable and cost-effective.”

Rob Virk

“Collaborative divorce is a great option for couples who want to make the well-being of their children the first priority.”

Gary Gill

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