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Criminal Law

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Alberta Criminal Lawyers


Virk Law understands that going through a criminal proceeding is a challenging experience. With over two decades of combined experience in criminal law, our dedicated criminal lawyers are dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances and providing tailored legal services to ensure that you get the correct outcome. 

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An impaired charge can significantly impact your life. Our team is here to help you protect your freedom.

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Assault Charges


From simple assault to sexual assault, these charges carry serious implications. There is always a defence available, and Virk Law can help ensure that your case receives the best possible judgment. There are options available, and our lawyers will work tirelessly for your future

Assault Charges?

Our assault lawyers can help.

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Drug Offences


A collaborative divorce is a team approach to resolving family law disputes through the process of a structured meeting involving both parties and their lawyers. Because both parties commit to freely disclosing information, formal measures – such as court orders – are usually not required. With Virk Law, collaborative divorce environments are often free from threatening letters, accusatory statements, unreasonable or unrealistic positions, and malicious accusations. In collaborative resolutions, a cooperative agreement is signed in which the parties agree they will not go to court unless the collaborative process breaks down, and both parties obtain new lawyers.

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