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Impaired Driving

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Virk Law’s team of impaired driving lawyers have comprehensive knowledge, experience, and reputation defending clients from DUI charges. If convicted, an impaired driving charge can change your life forever. For a first offense, the minimum penalty for impaired driving includes a suspension of your driving privileges for one year, a criminal record, a fine of no less than $1,000, and, in some instances, imprisonment. An impaired driving charge can also damage your career and future employment opportunities and subject you to “high-risk” driver’s insurance.

Do Not Plead Guilty to Charges as Serious as Impaired without Counsel

If you or someone you love is facing the possibility of being convicted of an impaired driving charge, put your future in the hands of the experienced legal team at Virk Law. The complexity of the laws surrounding impaired driving charges compounded by the fact that every DUI case is different presents Virk Law with the perfect opportunity to hear your unique scenario and do everything possible to launch a successful defence. Contact us today to learn more. 

DUI & Impaired Driving Charges

Virk Law’s team of experienced impaired driving lawyers may cross-examine and challenge police and other witnesses regarding your driving ability and physical condition.We can also seek the exclusion of evidence.

Breath Sample Over .08

In such cases, it’s crucial that police be adequately trained and followed all the technical aspects of the law when administering a breath sample to you.

Refusal or Failure to Blow

Did you not understand your rights and experience difficulty understanding what to do? Or, did you have trouble providing a breath sample? If so, Virk Law can help.

Care and Control

Without a professional defence and representation, you can be convicted of a DUI just for being in your vehicle while impaired.


Our Lawyers on the benefits of Counsel

“Mediation can work even when there is a high level of conflict as long as both parties are committed to engaging the process in good faith. In Family matters, mediation provides a process that is can consider children’s needs and interest. It can help reduce the emotional and psychological impact on all family members during separation, which can in many cases lead to more effective and long-lasting settlement.”

Nav Virk

“Having the ability to resolve a family law matter with the assistance of a mediator can help create a resolution that is just, fair and reasonable. Mediation is a voluntary process in which the mediator helps the parties make decisions which are informed and in the best interests of parties. Mediation will typically be more cost effective and quicker than litigation in court.”

Rob Virk

“Mediation is a great option for couples who are willing to compromise and dedicate themselves to finding solutions that consider the well-being of everyone involved – especially children.”

Gary Gill

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