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My name is Nav Virk, and I am the founder of Virk Law.

I do not understand professional biographies – I am unsure who the intended audience is and what is meant to be communicated. I am assuming if you are reading this that you are interested in the services we offer and have questions. I am also assuming that your questions are unique to your situation and that the answers you seek are unlikely to be found in a short conventional biography that lists off my qualifications and accomplishments. 

In response, I have created an interactive profile that I believe will allow me to communicate effectively with multiple audiences and address common questions. As you scroll through the tabs of my profile, I can tell you that I wrote these words on June 5, 2018. I circulated the writing to my colleagues for their input. Their suggestions helped modify the content. 

The website’s description of clients, compassion, creativity, and results is not just a marketing tactic. My colleagues and I strive every day to meet these ideals. Sometimes we falter; sometimes we overachieve. We are committed to our purpose and we want to help people out of legal challenges. 

• Clients: 

Since August 26, 2009, over 2000 Albertans individually or for their businesses have received advice from our firm for a legal challenge they were facing. Our client roster includes everyone from homemakers to professional athletes, from people charged with murder to farmers negotiating a lease for their land. 

Founded in 2013, NavLegal helps thousands of Canadians find public notary services and solutions to their legal problems every day. Our team uses technology to meet their needs effectively and affordably.

• Compassion:

It is not our place to judge our clients. We meet them at a specific moment in their lives, and the challenges they are facing at that moment is not indicative of their entire existence. Our clients are wonderful, and we draw inspiration from them every day.

• Creativity: 

Let us demonstrate this skill as we have for thousands of clients. Our vision is expansive, and we can demonstrate it in our approaches to their challenges. 

• Results: 

The firm’s growth has been organic. Someone heard something and reached out to us for help. Do not be deterred if you think your problem is too big or too small. Let’s talk about it and see if we can help.

Legal fees vary by circumstances. I know as a client hearing generic responses like the last sentence are frustrating. Initial consultations at our firm for any service except residential and commercial real estate, the preparation of wills, immigration, and the probating of an estate have an initial consultation fee of $95.00 plus GST. By the end of our first meeting, you and I will have a better understanding of the appropriate billing structure to solve your legal challenge.

I do not want you to expend your hard-earned money on legal fees, so on this page, you will find some tips to help reduce your fees. I will also provide you with a perspective you should always keep in mind when working with our firm. If we cannot add value to your legal challenge, we will tell you. Sometimes clients do not like hearing that their case may not be economically rewarding, but we must be honest with you. You then need to make an informed decision.

Types of legal fees:

● Traditional: My hourly rate as of June 1, 2018, is $380.00 per hour.

● Retainers: A retainer is a deposit for legal work to be completed. I require my clients to always have deposits on their files. Our firm typically bills on Thursdays and Mondays every week. If your retainer at the firm falls below $1000.00, someone from our office will reach out to you to replenish your account.

At our initial and follow-up meetings, we will discuss appropriate budgeting for your legal challenge as you move forward. At all stages and times, we need to discuss whether you are receiving value from our work and to be honest with each other. Initial retainers vary dramatically from $1500.00 to several thousand dollars based on the complexity of the service required and the urgency to complete the work.

“What if I can’t afford your services?”

Do not panic. Another perspective to consider is can you afford to let the legal challenge you are facing overwhelm you?
I help clients from all economic backgrounds. We can think of solutions together to make sure you are protected and have objectively considered the options to move your matter forward.

Flat fee: For a fixed cost we complete work regardless of the amount of time our firm expends on completing the service you require. This applies often to matters scheduled for Trial, mediations, business formations, real estate, wills, and other matters for which we know the precise steps to take.

Limited Scope: Our firm will complete legal services on a limited-scope basis. This means you will receive services for a particular aspect of your legal challenge only.

Contingency: Our firm will complete some matters on a percentage basis. You will not pay us anything unless you are successful in having you receiving money or assets.

Tips for reducing fees:

● Be organized;
● Always outline the goals you are trying to achieve;
● Do the homework we assign you;
● Utilize our services efficiently. In advance of a meeting, write down your questions and send them so they can be reviewed and answered when we meet. Avoid unnecessary communication.
● Listen to the advice we give you.
● Never be embarrassed or feel hesitant about sharing information. You benefit from solicitor-client privilege. We have dealt with thousands of clients and protect any sensitive information we receive.

It sounds terribly cliché to say I chose to be a lawyer to help people, but that is the truth.

I personally will reduce my rate or offer pro bono (free) services and accept files in certain areas of law that I consider important to the common good of humanity. Currently, I will consider the following areas on this basis:

● Wrongful imprisonment, detention, conviction.
● Victims of childhood trauma, including physical and sexual abuse.
● Victims of crime, including but not limited to physically grievous injuries, sexual assaults, and generally the momentary loss of human dignity.
● Victims of financial crime: Ponzi schemes; affinity scams.
● Clients transitioning genders.
● Victims of workplace harassment and discrimination.
● The defence of professionals facing regulatory discipline, including lawyers, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, engineers, and architects.

The economic reality is that I cannot always help everyone under reduced rates. In fact, it can only, as of June 5, 2018, be on select cases. I have obligations to my clients, family, my colleagues at the firm, the employees of my businesses, and to the community to make sure I am growing sustainable enterprises. I believe the greatest way to alleviate human suffering is the success of commercial enterprises that enhance human utility. I am trying to do my part with the fields I have been comfortable with most of my life: law and technology. With time, I am hoping more services can be provided on a reduced or free basis.

Why do you keep saying legal challenges?

The stresses of selling one’s business or facing a criminal charge are very similar. Both situations generally induce anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. The emotions that result after receiving news of a withdrawal of a criminal charge or having the cheque deposited after a business exit are also similar The relief you receive learning that criminal charges have been dropped is very similar to the relief experienced hearing that your cheque has been deposited after completing a complicated real estate deal, and they are equally important to us.

So are you any good in Court?

I personally have been trial counsel in dozens of matters before the Provincial Court of Alberta and the Court of Queen’s Bench. I have argued Court applications more than 1000 times in Courts across Alberta, at all levels.

As a client, try your best to avoid Court: it is expensive, uncertain, stressful. You do not have to be intimidated, however, by the process with our team in your corner.

So, are you pit bull?


You really helped my friend. Can you help me too?

Yes. If I can’t, I will let you know.

How can you represent so-and-so? He’s a bad guy.

As I have stated, our clients are not defined by just a moment of time in their lives, whether positive or negative. It’s not our place to judge them. Like my clients, I make mistakes. I will continue to falter. Like my clients, I do not have much control over what is thought or said of me. It is important for me, however, to listen to you as we work through challenges, especially if you believe it is my firm that is letting you down.

I read a case you were involved in. Can you share the pleadings?


I am stuck on something. Can I phone you?


I am thinking about starting my own law firm. Can I phone you?

Please instead consider the Law Society of Alberta. They have an excellent resource for start-up firms. The Law Society of Alberta also has a practice management team that helps lawyers setting up their practice; please utilize that resource.

I would never recommend someone start their own law firm. I know it sounds hypocritical, but I do not support solo practices. It is very isolating, challenging, and likely not the best way to provide legal services. There are many lawyers that espouse the benefit of running your own firm. I am not one of them.

Do you remember taking any business development classes in law school? I didn’t.

Did you have any idea what trust accounting was before practicing law? I didn’t.

Do you think institutional or high-net-worth clients hire one-man law firms?Generally, they do not.

Over the course of time, will you be able to withstand automation, machine learning and the convergence of large-scale commercial enterprises into the provision of legal services? I am personally betting that answer for myself will be no.

Are you hiring articling students? Any tips?

We are not presently hiring articling students at the firm. If you are looking for tips on securing an article, I would suggest reaching out to firms and connecting with the folks that operate them to see what value you can bring to their team.

Most small firms are very busy and cannot actively recruit students. If you can demonstrate that you add value, they will likely hire you. They just do not have time to go out of their way to recruit you.

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