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COVID-19 Measures

Our offices are still open during regular hours. For the safety of everyone involved, social distancing practices have been implemented for all in-person client interaction and consultations. Consultations are also available online using videoconferencing software. For any questions please feel free to call us at 1-866-795-1386.

Anoushka Gandy

Anoushka Gandy

Anoushka Gandy focuses her practice in family, estate, and civil law.

A fierce advocate for her clients, Anoushka has worked hard at not only speaking well on behalf of her clients in court if necessary, but also arguing on their behalf using persuasive writing by developing her skills by participating early in her legal education in researching and publishing articles.

Part of Anoushka’s education was completed abroad and she maintains that perspective when she deals with clients who are experiencing disputes between different jurisdictions and/or if her clients are new to the Canadian legal system. She is patient in explaining and breaking down legal concepts until they are fully understood.

Primary Office: Calgary office

Primary Contact: Calgary phone

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