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Over 30 Years Experience

Our Experienced Family Lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience and have appearances at every level of court

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We pride ourselves on providing our clients with transparent, ethical billing options and flexible payment structures.

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A family lawyer will sit down with you to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

Is Separation the best option for you and your family?

Virk Law understands that going through a separation is complicated enough without the added fear of hefty legal bills, custody agreements, damaging relationships, and uncomfortable litigation processes. With over two decades of combined experience in Family Law, our trusted Family Lawyers are dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances and providing tailored legal services to ensure that your process is as comfortable as possible.

Is Separation right for you? To find out, we have compiled a comprehensive questionnaire to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Consider Separation

If you have separated and have attempted solutions such as counselling or therapy and there is no chance of reconciliation
If you have separated and have attempted solutions such as counselling or therapy and there is no chance of reconciliation
If you have resolved your internal conflict over the divorce and are satisfied there can be no agreement
If you have children, you have considered the consequences and still see divorce as your best option
If you are confident that your reasons are sincere and not emotionally reactive ie., threatening a divorce in an attempt to gain control over your partner or making a spontaneous decision after a heated disagreement that you may reconsider later
If you’re in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship

Consider Other Options

If your decision is emotionally responsive – such as out of anger or frustration, or to gain power over your partner
If you still feel that there is a chance that you and your partner can work things out
If you’re not ready to accept your children’s potential sadness and want to ensure their viewpoints are heard
If you don’t want changes to your lifestyle and finances

Virk Law Divorce Consultation Itinerary (75-90 Minutes)


Step 1: Gather General Information

The first step is gathering information about you and your partner – when were you married? For how long?

Step 2: Gather Specific Information

The second step is to gather more specific information, such as details about your spouse, whether you have children and their ages.

Step 3: Why Do You Want A Divorce?

After we have established a comprehensive picture of who you are, we will inquire into your reason(s) for wanting a divorce.

Step 4: Your Situation Determines What We Offer

Every case is different, and there are innumerable factors to consider before deciding the best way to proceed such as whether you are legally married, have children, own property, have major differences in income, and more.

Step 5: Child Support

If you have children, their needs will be taken into account and child support options will be explored and discussed.

Step 6: Spousal Support

If you will require financial support after your separation, spousal support options will be explored and discussed.

Step 7: The Plan Going Forward

Now that your family lawyer has a comprehensive picture of who you are, who your spouse is, and what your situation entails, they will be in a unique situation to provide you with the best option going forward.


Our Lawyers on Separation

“Many clients do not realize how much more messy and complex a common-law separation can be as opposed to divorce. Unlike divorce, common-law property does not currently have an equivalent to the Matrimonial Property Act and this makes it a challenge to confirm who will receive what at the end of a common-law relationship. Consulting with a lawyer early on in your matter helps to provide a roadmap on how to get from separation to resolution and allows clients to make informed decisions on how they want to proceed.”

Rob Virk

“Context is key to helping parties move on with their lives in this difficult period of their lives. Each Divorce matter needs to be dealt with in a skillful yet delicate manner with empathy. If the matter proceeds to litigation in court, the client should feel confident that their counsel/lawyer is representing their rights.”

Gary Gill

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